Anonymous: For Gadge month in April where are the prompts?

The prompts were posted, they are Order and/or Promises.

mrsalecvolturi88blr: So are you kinda like the Queen of the Gadge shippers?

Oh god no.

catreadsbooks: What are the Gadge prompts for April? I finally have time to participate and my fingers are itching to write :)



Order and/or Promises.

Tag: gadge month
Try to get it in before the month ends.
Graphics and/or Stories.
No word limit.
You can stray from the prompts as long as it’s sparked some sort of inspiration.

Thanks to those who participated in March!

172 weeks ago

Only like 2 days to get your Gadge month prompts in!

42 weeks ago

Just so everyone knows I am working through those prompts! But I had massive inspiration with one, and it’ll take me a while. Might be a rather long one shot…

43 weeks ago
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Anonymous: Have you disappeared from the face of the earth

Yes. This is my last year of high school so stress equals less activity.

23 weeks ago

Found a mistake in an old gifset.

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Anonymous: Where are you?

Hidden between piles of homework.

11 month ago